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About the David DeLay Scholarship......


The David DeLay Scholarship is awarded to any student needing assistance in school projects, school functions, high school seniors and college students who may need additional help during their schooling.  

Students enrolled in either public or private schools, as well as, home schooled students are eligible to apply. To apply, submit a completed application, an official school transcript, and a 500 word essay on a topic of your choice, uploaded with your references, any accomplishments and or photos you may want to share.


Applications are accepted at anytime for school projects and school functions.  For applications needed for summer, and fall semesters scholarship deadlines for essays is April 1st each year.  Please submit your application & essay online.  

David DeLay Scholarship,   

Scholarships will be awarded based on three criteria: 1.) Your Need for scholarship  2.) Clear goals and initiative demonstrated through academic career, and interview; 3.) Essay on why you want/need the scholarship or Essay based on your goals and career path you have planned for the years ahead of you.

Award finalists and scholarship amounts will be determined by the David DeLay Scholarship Board Members in May. Recipients will receive notice that they have been awarded the scholarship at their high school's graduation ceremony.

Once notified of their award, scholarship recipients must submitted the required information within 60 days of the date of their letter in order for the treasure to submit payment to the school of your choice.  For additional information please contact

David DeLay Scholarship | 281-389-0573

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